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Tony Angiuli is a real estate professional based in Florida.

The Joy of Dogs

A little while ago, a big storm was passing across Florida. As can happen, I was feeling a little under the weather because of it. I couldn’t stroll around outside. Some plans I had made needed to get canceled. And in brief was feeling a little grumpy. Then I saw Piper do the funniest thing. She was sitting in my lap in the living room. For no reason in particular, she leaped out of my lap and started running around in circles.

Ok, that might not sound like the funniest thing, but at the moment it lifted my spirits completely right back up. Within seconds I was laughing and feeling so much better.

Dogs can do that. There’s something about dogs that makes them just so freaking effective at making us smile. Sure, they do a lot of things that frustrate us too (shoe-eating, mess-making, constant barking), but more often than not, they make us smile.

Here’s to the joy of dogs!